Root Canal

What is root canal treatment?

root-canal-treatment-in-doha-dental-center Root Canal Root Canalroot canal is the space between the root and the tooth. If the pulp tissue or nerve inside your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it can become tender and you may need a root canal procedure. The most common cause is tooth decay, but other causes include trauma, multiple fillings, or a tooth needing a crown.

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Steps in a Root Canal Treatment

1. Diagnosis by clinical examination and x-ray
2. Opening the root canal under local anesthesia.
3. Diseased pulp is removed, canals are cleaned and shaped.
4. Canals are then filled permanently with a tapered rubbery material called guttapercha and sealed.
5. Placing a crown on the tooth to prevent fracture.

Root canal surgery in Doha Dental Clinic Center

root-canal Root Canal Root CanalSometimes root canal surgery is needed when a regular root canal treatment cannot be done or when it has not worked. Surgery is done to:

  • Check the end of the root for fractures (cracks).
  • Remove parts of the root that could not be cleaned during regular root canal treatment.
  • Clear up an infection that did not heal after regular treatment.

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