Dental Fillings

What is a tooth filling?
A dental filling therapy means that the tooth parts affected by caries are removed, and in parallel the missing parts in the tooth are replaced by a binding material. Thanks to this procedure, the original condition and shape of caries-affected teeth are easily recoverable.

When filling larger tooth holes, an inlay can be used instead of a tooth filling. Inlays are different from dental fillings in that a single binding material is used as the filling material during filling, so in the case of inlays and onlays in the dental laboratory, a form perfectly touching the tooth is produced, which is attached to the tooth by means of a special adhesive.

What should happen to the existing amalgam filling?
The fact that amalgam fillings are no longer in fashion is due to the mercury content of the fillings. Since scientific studies could not prove, as claimed by opponents of amalgam fillings, the mercury – which is known to be a poisonous metal – in small quantities dissolve from the amalgam filling and thereby poisoned the organism.

Today, the replacement of the entire amalgam filling is for aesthetic reasons or because the existing filling no longer closes accordingly. already possible. After removal, the amalgam filling can be replaced with up-to-date composite material or an inlay.

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