General Dentistry

One stop destination for all your oral problems. From checkups to x ray, Cleanings to fillings and root canal, We solve all your oral health problems.
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Specialty Dentistry

Latest Technology and dream teeth, Get those perfect straight teeth with different varieties of braces in kids,teens or adults. Special treatment for your little ones with our padeatric dentistry.
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Cosmetic Dental Care

Gift Yourself that special Hollywood smile. Get a Smile Makeover, be it a complete new smile, getting whiter and brighter teeth or replacing the missing teeth.
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About Us

Affordable dental care services for everyone!


Years of experience with happy smiling customers

Doha Specialized Dental Center is one of the most popular dental clinics in Qatar. It has a combination of specialized dentist with local and international backgrounds. We are a group of Dentist, Endodentist,Orthodentist,Oral Surgeon,Maxilli Facialo Surgeon, Implantologist, Preventive dentist, Preiodentist and Cosmetic Dentist. which means a complete solution to all your dental needs.

We have three dental clinics in Qatar to choose from being Doha, Wakrah and Khartiyat, All easily accesseble with parking facility. Our goal is to deliver efficient and professional services to all patients with Clear, Safe, Modern and latest equipment and technologies.

Since our birth in 2007 in Doha we have been a family clinic and served more then 20000 happy customers till date and have become one of the most trusted  brand in Qatar.

Our Practice Areas

We provide general, specialty, and cosmetic dental care to nearly a million patients every year. Listed below are some of the services our locations can provide our patients.

Call for an Emergency: +974 66768288

Message from the Chairman

The Man Behind the Doha Specialized Dental Center

“We provide dental health care services with method and upgraded technology by an efficient and professional team . Treating your diseases by complying with the rules of professional medicine ethics also make us happy as much as you. We strongly believe in ethical practice with humane approach under strict infection control measures which has helped us to provide quality dentistry in the past 10 years, that is affordable and reachable.......


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