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Dental Implants

The solution of your missing tooth is here. Dental implants not only replaces your missing tooth, But also gives you back your smile, confidence and physical appearance. It also solves your basic problem of chewing and speech. Giving you back the closest solution to your lost teeth. For these you can go to different dental clinics with the best DSDC to make it comfortable for any treatment.

This is one of the most efficient treatments for your tooth replacement. Their look is similar to natural healthy teeth, dental implants in Doha in provides you with new teeth to replace ones that are either missing or damaged. Dental implants not only look like real teeth, they have the stability, comfort, and functionality of real teeth, too. Periodontal therapy returns your gums and jawbone to normal health.

We have custom made manufactured shells or caps that give you the closest natural teeth. Choices of Veneer/Zircon/Ceramic materials. Get in touch with our doctors to understand more about what suits you the best.

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Far superior to removable dentures, dental implants are the new rescue mission for failing teeth. Because dental implants are non-removable, they function like natural teeth, stabilizing the jaw, defying aging, and enhancing both chewing and digestion. Equally important, the dentistry can make you have a better smile, dental implants provide confidence

Dental implants have become more predictable, enduring and cost effective than traditional dental solutions and are now possible for virtually any patient, with or without a volume of bone mass, and even for those with a history of systemic disease.

Steps in Dental Implants:
The dentist meets you examines the implant area and suggests the complete process The dentist from dental implants Doha places the implant (like a tooth root) in your jaw area, beneath the gum line. At this stage you maybe suggested a diet of soft foods depending on the patient. After this the bone around the implant heals in a process called Osseo integration. The best part here is the implant bonds with the bone and attaches to the gum. Making it similar to an actual teeth root. It is then attached with a head called post after which the crown (prosthetic tooth) is attached. With the choices of Veneer/Zircon/Ceramic materials

Time Period
According to implants the entire process can take 2 to 3 months depending on individuals.

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