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Crowns are cemented to the abraded surface of one’s own teeth or to those of the inserted dental implants and provide an esthetic denture that gives the patient the feeling of being safe – to be able to chew, speak and smile without any worries.

According to the implant dentistry in fort wayne in a bridge is a denture that is made when one or more teeth are missing and the gaps can be “bridged” with a coherent construction.

The adjacent healthy teeth must be sanded down and crowned as bridge abutments. A dental bridge can therefore be considered as an extended form of the dental crown. Alternatively, “artificial teeth”, ie dental implants, can serve as bridge abutments; more about Dental Bridge Types, Procedure and Cost are explained in detail by our partners at NearbyDental.

When are dental crowns useful?

Dental crowns are used in large-scale damage to natural teeth to restore the original tooth shape visually and functionally.

Such damage can be caused by tooth decay or by mechanical action , such as the breaking of tooth substance by a blow or shock.

Such damage is not only an aesthetic but also a functional problem : a tooth damaged or broken by caries does not look nice and can have a negative impact on self-esteem, so keeping a nice smile is important, and using services like teeth whitening in Montreal could also help with this and make your smile looks greater than ever.

On the other hand, it can no longer fulfill its function optimally, there may be problems with biting off and chewing, possibly also when speaking, in particular the formation of certain sounds.

If no treatment is given, this can later lead to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint or an altered bite position.

Thanks to tooth crowns, those affected are able to chew, talk and laugh without worries – just like with their own teeth.